Our ‘Well-being Programme’ is designed to help develop robust relationships between whānau, staff and students

Our Well-Being Philosophy

Fostering people who are confident in their own identities; who are socially and emotionally connected; and who flourish in all aspects of their lives is key for success in this ever-changing world. Well-being does not stand alone at Huanui College. It is woven within and across the curriculum. Our core values are well embedded and central to forming, developing and changing relationships. At Huanui College, we believe the well-being of our Whānau is vital.

Whānau system

The whānau system is at the heart of the college. It is the foundation of our holistic approach to education and well-being. These groups become a ‘family within a family’, where students join a small team of 80 students. On enrolment, students are placed in a whānau group. They remain in this group through all their years at college. Siblings in the same whānau. 

Clear communication and genuine interest in our whānau helps build strong connections, trust and provides everyone with a sense of belonging. We are a leader in positive education, and our Huanui Way focuses on specific skills that help students strengthen their relationships, build positive emotions, enhance personal resilience, promote mindfulness and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Daily Whānau Time

Every day before interval, all whānau groups meet for twenty-five minutes. They participate in well-being activities that build emotional and social skills, promote self-esteem, teach problem-solving skills, develop a growth mindset, empathy, and demonstrate the benefits of grit, and resilience. Meeting every day helps to build social connections, and foster inclusion, and participation. As part of our whānau system, we also hold inter-whānau competitions and camps to build school spirit.

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring / Buddy Scheme – ratio 1:3

Students gain support from Peer Mentors who deliver weekly deliver well-being activities in relation to school life at Huanui College. Senior Peer Mentors develop strong connections and feel supported by their Whānau Leader, and Whānau Teacher Mentors. Year 7 to 10 students select a senior Peer Mentor who supports them in Whānau Time and on and off-campus with pastoral guidance, tutoring, examination study preparation, homework, and encouragement to get involved in extra-curricular activities.

The Whānau Teacher Mentor role is to support and guide their senior students in their leadership roles as a Peer Mentors, and the expectations of being a senior student at Huanui College. One 25 minute weekly session is dedicated solely for senior students to meet with their Whānau Teacher Mentor to help with guidance in their roles and pathways.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) – ratio 1:3

Throughout our Whānau Time, other programmes will also run, such as PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions), aiding with IGCSE and/or A-Level knowledge and experiences, examination preparation, homework support and life skills.

Restorative Practice

At Huanui College we do things with our students, rather than to them or for them. Restorative Practice is based on the relational approach, which recognises that we exist in a world of relationships and that a person’s character is developed through their relationships with others. The underlying principle of the relational approach is that all people are equally entitled to enjoy respect, care and mana. Well-being activities and Peer Mentoring sessions encourage the fundamental principles of restorative practice. Subject Teachers, Curriculum Leaders and Whānau Leaders focus on a restorative approach that focuses on accountability, healing and meeting the needs of all in our community. 

Community Service

Huanui College students complete several community service projects throughout the year. We encourage our students to give, connect, take notice, learn while being active citizens. Once a term, students and staff participate in a ‘Good Sorts’ Afternoon’. 

Guidance Counselling 

Guidance counselling is a crucial part of the well-being programme. It is offered on an individual, family or small group basis as part of a developmental learning process and at moments of personal crisis. Counselling may include personal counselling, parental workshops and educational, or career counselling. 

Positive Education

Many young people find it difficult to remain positive when they are confronted with new problems and unfamiliar situations. To help every child attain academic success without compromising their overall well-being, our students are taught to cope with setbacks through resilient and positive mindsets.

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