The Huanui Way

Education for the whole person

How We Approach Education

Huanui College demonstrates a commitment to individual achievement by demonstrating understanding in various concepts of ‘wellbeing’.

We believe in:

  • Being part of a caring community with rules and freedoms that mirror the expectations of an ordered society
  • Development of an effective work ethic
  • An extended curricular programme that promotes a keen interest in culture, the arts, and sports
  • A sensible approach to competition, we learn to win with humility, and how to lose with grace
  • Staff and students being united in their commitment to excellence
  • The importance and value of individuals
  • Self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-responsibility

Students First

At Huanui College we put students first by prioritising a rounded approach to student development. We use the term ‘student development’ to include a spectrum of holistic student learning and development goals that include, professional, vocational, intellectual, cognitive, social, political, civic, moral, and ethical values. We aim to work on character development and encourage personal excellence in all that we do.

Personal Character Development

To help every child attain academic success without compromising their overall well-being staff at Huanui College nurture resilience and positive mindsets in the students. Our Whanau System is designed to help students cope better in dynamic situations. The system encourages students to remain positive when they are confronted with new problems and unfamiliar situations. To read more about our Whānau System, click here.

Restorative Practice

Restorative Practice is based on a relational approach which recognises that we exist in a world of relationships and that a person’s character is developed through liaisons with others. The underlying principle of the relational approach is that all people are equally entitled to enjoy respect, care, and mana. Well-being activities and Peer Mentoring sessions encourage the fundamental principles of restorative practice. Subject Teachers, Curriculum Leaders, and Whānau Leaders focus on a restorative approach that is based upon accountability, healing, and meeting the needs of all in our community.

At Huanui College we do things with our students; rather than to them, or for them.

Professional Learning

Our staff learn together and share ideas to build on the successes in each other’s classes. The professional development strategy within our School Innovation Programme, focuses on effective training and support for staff.  We strive to deliver outstanding learning programmes to our students which champion our shared school vision.  Our staff learn together and share ideas to build upon the successes in each other’s classes. 

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