Why Huanui?

Hard work, perseverance, purpose, and happiness encourage success

Our College offers rigorous academic programmes based on the Cambridge International Curriculum. We encourage healthy competition, diligence and the pursuit of personal excellence. Our motto ‘vincit qui se vincit’ (He conquers who conquers himself) reinforces this and we pride ourselves in providing a safe and nurturing environment where students are taught in small classes and are treated as individuals.

The Huanui Way

Education for the whole person.

Customised Learning Pathways

Tailored and flexible plans for each student.

Student Agency and Leadership

Enabling self-agency, by leading learning.


Develop robust rapport between whānau, staff and students.

Academic Challenge and Support

Raising expectations of self.

High Trust / High Responsibility Environment

Willingness to be vulnerable and open, speak freely, and to listen.

Why Huanui

Huanui Way

Customised Learning

Student Agency
and Leadership


Academic Challenge
and Support

High Trust / High
Responsibility Environment


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