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Shared Vision

Huanui College is a New Zealand leader in the field of positive education and we are known for our focus on developing young people who contribute beneficially to society. At Huanui the well-being of our whānau is vital. Developing robust relationships, founded on mutual trust and respect, is at the core of what we do. Clear communication and genuine interest in each child’s development helps build a strong connection between family, child and teacher, creating trust and providing everyone with a sense of belonging.

Huanui College’s pastoral care programme provides dedicated time for discussion between students, parents and teachers. We provide a safe environment where students feel comfortable discussing and sharing. Knowing students as individuals and allowing them to choose the teacher they feel connected to, as a support person, allows students to flourish. Understanding family circumstances and the community environment helps to further build connections.

Huanui College provides innovative academic pathways for all abilities, enabling us to grow good people. We are known for excellent resources, creative opportunities and strong results. We provide alternatives to academia, including outdoor education, practical opportunities and we are also leaders in the field of agricultural education.

Clear pathways and planning are provided for each individual student, helping them to attain personal and academic goals.

Huanui College prides itself on having a staff with strong professional integrity. Our teachers are passionate about their jobs and genuinely care for students and their outcomes. Our teachers also have excellent curriculum knowledge and are up-to-date with best teaching practice. They are enthused and excited about the subjects they teach, providing inspiring lessons, linking subject matter to real life. They have high expectations for behaviour and academic outcomes, share core values and have student well-being at the forefront of everything they do. Teachers are on time, prepared and have good classroom behaviour management, modelling what they expect. Students are also accountable for their actions and are expected to engage with each other, the teacher and their learning.

We gather data and track individual progress in order to measure the value added to each of our students. We value examinations, using this data to measure the achievement of our students, based on international standards. Not only do we value academic success but also the well-being of our students and staff. The analysis of our well-being data provides valuable information. Huanui College provides an environment in which everyone has a strong sense of belonging.

Whanaungatanga is at the heart of what we do.

Huanui fosters a genuine interest in each child’s development and maintains the pledge of never giving up on any individual. At Huanui College we value our alumni and care that we are producing good citizens through a solid academic and pastoral programme, providing career pathways and networks for students heading into the future. It also enables us to reflect on our practices and make informed decisions for our students.

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