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Enrolment Fee

  • Year 7-13: $1250

Paid on acceptance of place offered (non-refundable). Includes lifetime membership to the Huanui College Alumni Association.

Tuition Fees (per annum)

  • Year 7 – 8: $12,844 invoiced in three instalments
  • Year 9 – 13: $15,104 invoiced in three instalments

Tuition Fee Discounts

Discount is based on number of children enrolled at the College at the relevant time.

  • 2nd child enrolled 5% off annual tuition fees
  • 3rd child enrolled 50%, off annual tuition fees
  • 4th child enrolled free annual tuition fees

School Activities Levy

  • Three instalments of $250

Three instalments of $250, invoiced with tuition fees. Can be paid weekly over entire school year $17.05 per week. Includes Cultural, Sporting and Community Service program, College textbooks, Camps, Duke of Ed Bronze, Class trips and activities, HC Sports internal program*. Does not include AIMS Games, major sports tournaments, Yr 9 Rarotonga trip, Cambridge External Examination fees. 

*exemptions may apply

Huanui College Alumni Association

The Huanui College Alumni Association Lifetime Membership fee is included in the Enrolment Fee. Read more about the association on the Alumni page.

After School Prep & Tutorials

There is no charge for after school prep or tutorials.


Purchased and invoiced direct through our uniform shop at the College. Online purchases delivered direct to your address, email hcshop@elizabethmichael.co.nz for details or visit the Uniform page.


Purchased direct through www.myschool.co.nz or sourced by student.
A comprehensive list will be supplied via email and on the school website

Message from the Huanui College Charitable Trust Board

Tuition fees are increased annually by an amount not less that the movement in the Consumer Price Index each year. The annual increase is necessary to meet the operating cost increases that occur outside of the control of the College. 

Specific initiatives that will enhance the learning or pastoral care of the students will from time to time call for greater increases some years. We limit the amount of the increase as much as possible without detracting from the benefits that the additional funds will create for the students at Huanui College. The Huanui College Charitable Trust Board endeavors to signal the amount of the increase in June of each year to allow maximum time for families to budget.


+64 9 459 1930