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How long will it take to hear back from the College once I have enrolled?

As soon as we receive your enrolment form with all the required supporting documentation, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for you and your child to attend the initial interview.

What is the test my child needs to take?

We are an academic school therefore we assess the child on Maths and English at the enrolment interview.  This gives us an indication how well they are suited for Huanui College and if there are any gaps in their learning that we may need to assist them with.  The tests are based on the standardised PAT tests they currently do at Primary Schools, and we provide a relaxed atmosphere for them to take these.  The results may provide us with additional information for further conversations with you to discuss how best we can navigate their future learning journey.

What can we prepare for the interview?

You can discuss with your child that the process will provide us with the information required to decide if they are going to enjoy, add value and be successful at Huanui College.  Success is measured in a number of ways, our graduating students are ideally good citizens with an excellent work ethic.  University Entrance qualification is the ultimate goal but for those students where that is not achievable we offer alternative pathways for them to be successful in their chosen field.

How many years before they start College can I enrol?

We encourage you to enrol your child for Year 7 as this gives them the best educational outcome in their senior school years. Term 1 in the year prior to them starting Year 7 is when we are well underway with the enrolment process, however as we are becoming the preferred choice for higher education in Whangarei we are taking a lot of enrolments 18 months – 2 years prior to starting at the College.

Is there a waiting list?

Places in most junior year levels are becoming limited, though this can vary. Contact us for more information.


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