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This is a truly momentous time for our college as we have now been established over a decade, going from our first 80 students to now having well over 300, and are now able to create an Alumni community and network.

When fostering this new aspect of our College we hope to shape a culture that, when our students move on to bigger things, they will always have a way to re-connect, share with and support their Huanui College family.

A message from our Alumni president | Kelsey Eaton

For those of you who do not know me, I am Kelsey Eaton, a past student and Head Girl of Huanui College.

My journey at Huanui began in the inaugural year of 2010, this was the moment that I found my home away from home. It has been such a joy, since then, to watch the College grow into a brilliant education provider and culture cultivator. I now look back on it as an Assistant Project Manager with a sense of pride and fondness, as I know, that what I had learnt in my time there has helped shape me into who I am today.

Although, as the years continued to pass by, I became aware of how my connection to the College was naturally dwindling despite my efforts to touch base at each end of year prize-giving. This was of course due to the natural waves of students rolling in and out of the College. However, I am humbled and ecstatic to now be the Inaugural Alumni President. This opportunity will allow me to begin and strengthen relationships with our Alumni students and in turn aid them in reconnecting with their networks through our Huanui Alumni Association. I look forward to seeing it provide further support to its members through cultivating intergenerational connectivity, continuity and community.

Due to that fact that my values naturally align with those of the College, I feel confident in being able to effectively and appropriately shape the Alumni Association and what it stands for.

Overall, I am looking forward to helping foster the growth and community aspect of the College. Here is to an exciting year ahead as we further develop the ‘Huanui Way’.

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Whanaungatanga Prefect

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