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Some tips from Netsafe

Please refer to the advice below in reference to the video that is being discussed in the media. Netsafe has several helpful resources: Our page on helping students exposed to upsetting content can help schools and families navigate conversation with their tamariki. Our Online Safety Parent Toolkit is a wider framework for helping parents navigate online safety with their young people.

For some whānau, parental controls may be an appropriate solution to help filter out graphic content. If students would like further support they can contact Youthline on free text 234 or call 0800 376 633. Netsafe can also provide advice for any students or whānau who are concerned about this video. 

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A uniquely individual
educational experience

We believe that every child must be valued as an individual. Our shared vision is to develop self-confidence, self-worth and happiness in our students, within a special atmosphere of encouragement and support.

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Enabling students to
reach their true potential

We encourage healthy competition, diligence and the pursuit of personal excellence. Students are taught in small classes and are treated as individuals.

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We are now enrolling for 2021, and accepting enrolments for 2022 and 2023.

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