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AS and A Level study can be challenging. At Huanui College we recognise that students can be daunted by the courses and work required to attain passes at these examinations. We offer a peer support programme available to all students which has shown that with support and nurturing excellent results can be achieved.

Our teaching staff are specialists in their subject areas and are prepared to go the extra mile to help their students achieve excellence. Students choosing to study AS and A Levels at Huanui College can expect to be in small class sizes, receive tailored help and guidance in their learning journeys, and exceptional teaching in a focussed atmosphere of support and learning excellence. 

Huanui College does offer NCEA in Te Reo Māori only.

Courses of Study Guide

Each year, we release a Course of Study Guide. The guide covers the subjects available, the content covered, recommendations and pre-requisites for each subject – along with other information about teaching and learning at Huanui College.

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Cambridge AS and A Level Qualification

Huanui College offer Cambridge International Examinations for AS and A2 (A-Level) studies. The difference between AS, and A2, is an extra year of study.

At Huanui College the students begin by covering the AS syllabus during Year 12, which is also considered as the first year of A-levels. During Year 13, or the second year of study, they conclude their subject syllabus in the A2 (or A-Level) course.  

There are other options, for example, a student can choose study a subject for one year, sit the examination to achieve an ASlevel qualification, but not continue in the same topic to sit the A2 papers in Year 13. This is a case-by-case decision and is usually decided upon by considering intended career pathways, university entrance requirements, and personal choices in each case. Full support and guidance are available to all students wishing to study with Huanui College to Year 13.

Read more about the Cambridge Curriculum here

Subject Selection Guidelines

At Year 12

All students must select an English course and three other subjects.  Please note – we encourage our students to look ahead at this stage towards their subject options for Year 13 and commit to making plans for the final two years of study at the College before Year 12 begins. We have found this assists our students with meeting any university course prerequisites.

At Year 13

There are no compulsory courses at Year 13. It is expected that our students will select four subjects, although students who have attained University Entrance at Year 12 may enrol in three full A Level courses instead. 

Some subjects are ‘stand-alone’ at this level. That is, students can enrol in these without prior study. It would be wise to consult with the appropriate Curriculum Leaders to ascertain whether selecting such a subject is in the student’s best interests, and full support will be given to any student wishing to take this decision.

Mrs Koning is available to provide guidance and advice for course selection.

20 Subjects on Offer | Year 12

AS Level Art • AS Level Architectural Design • AS Level Digital Media • AS Level Music • AS Level Accounting • AS Level Business Studies • NCEA Level 2 Te Reo Māori • AS Level English • AS Level English General Paper • AS Level Global Perspectives & Research • AS Level Geography • AS Level History • AS Level Environmental Management • AS Level Mathematics • AS Level Physical Education • AS Level Biology • AS Level Chemistry • AS Level Physics • AS Level Marine Science • AS Level Psychology

18 Subjects on Offer | Year 13

A2 Level Art • A2 Level Architectural Design • A2 Level Digital Media  • A2 Level Music • A2 Level Accounting • A2 Level Business Studies • NCEA Level 3 Te Reo Māori • A2 Level English  Literature • A2 Level Global Perspectives & Research • A2 Level Geography • A2 Level History • A2 Level Mathematics • Diploma in Physical Education • A2 Level Biology • A2 Level Chemistry • A2 Level Physics • A2 Level Marine Science • A2 Level Psychology

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