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Huanui College students must agree upon enrolment to wear the school uniform as stipulated, and undertake to be neatly turned out, as representatives of the school. The manner in which our students present themselves for daily work reflects their sense of pride. To maintain personal status and high standards for our College, it is important that all our students are well presented.

Uniform Regulations available here

*Note: Summer Uniform is to be worn in Terms 1 & 4, with the Winter Uniform worn in Terms 2 & 3.

Uniform Pricelist available here

Getting the Uniform Online

All orders for school uniform are now done on-line.

  1. To get the uniform online, go to the Elizabeth Michael website
  2. Register on the Elizabeth Micheal website using the Huanui College code HC211
  3. You will receive a registration email, and from here you will be able to sign in and order uniform items for Huanui College
  4. These will be couriered to you from Elizabeth Michael Head Office for a small freight charge.

Email us for more information: uniforms@elizabethmichael.co.nz  


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