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Our 2023 Prefect Team are (from left):

Back Row: Giverny Miedema (Ngāpua Whānau Prefect), Taron Snowsill (Deputy Head Prefect), Tobias Grove, Zac Groshinski, Seamus Howard, Oliver Heswall. Front Row: Helena Newman (Sheppard Whānau Prefect), Isabela Cameron (Blake Whānau Prefect), Lucy Nichols (Hillary Whānau Prefect), Sam Holstad (Deputy Head Prefect), Jasper Miller-Waugh (Head Prefect), Takaimaania Ngata-Henare (Head Prefect), Hannah Campi (Deputy Head Prefect), Niko Firth. Absent: Runyararo Manjala (Whanaungatanga Deputy Head Prefect), Ayana Dagan, Emily Merry.

As members of the Prefect Team at Huanui College, they are a special group. Our Prefects take on important positions of responsibility in the school.

From our Head Prefects

Takaimaania Ngata-Henare

(Head Prefect)

“Whāia te iti kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe, me he maunga teitei”
“Seek the treasure that you value most dearly, if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain”

This whakataauki focuses on the idea of perseverance and the importance of goal setting. This was very apparent to me in my goal of becoming Head Girl as the process was the answer to being able to achieve this. I wanted to become Head Girl so that I could be a voice for students, and help create a more culturally diverse environment here so all students no matter their backgrounds would feel welcome. However, my biggest goal for this year is to be able to be helpful to everyone so they may achieve their own goals.


Jasper Miller-Waugh

(Head Prefect)

Hey! I’m Jasper, and I’m excited to work closely with the rest of the Head Prefect Team to bring our shared vision to reality as the 2023 Head Boy. Over the years, I have come to love Huanui College and its people.
As much as I’m honoured to receive Head Boy, it is not a prize but a role. The real challenge is making the absolute most of this opportunity to maximise the benefit the whole prefect group can bring and see Huanui grow like the students that go through it. As a part of that, before the year started, we were scheming away, finding our focuses and planning how to continue the yearly growth in leadership teams.


Hannah Campi

Deputy Head Prefect)

Kia ora koutou, 

My name is Hannah, and I’m Deputy Head Girl for 2023. I’ve been at Huanui since I was in Year 7 and it’s important to me in my final year to be able to serve the school, and make improvements I’ve always wanted to make. I think an important part of leadership is balance between listening and action. The role of the Head Prefect team is to listen to the student body and their feedback, and make it happen in the school. My advice for younger students is not to get too worried about the future – just enjoy being a junior and having fun with your friends and in your classes. The hard work and important results will come later! 


Taron Snowsill

(Deputy Head Prefect)


I decided to run for this position as it allows me to have an active ability to get involved in school events during the year, and to lead by example for the rest of the students. Some of my goals include increasing the collaboration between the Year 7’s and 13’s, allowing the younger students to feel more comfortable when they arrive in their new environment. I would also like to have more to do with leadership roles for the current Year 12’s. My cohort and I are always learning as we go through each year, and I think it would be a massive advantage for next year’s leaders if we could pass on as much of that learning as possible. 


Sam Hostad

Deputy Head Prefect)


Words from Sam coming soon…






Runyararo Manjala

Deputy Head Prefect)


Words from Runya coming soon…


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