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Our 2021 Head Prefects are from left:

Back: Whānau Prefect: Charlie Firth, Whānau Prefect: Sebastian Allan, Deputy Head Prefect: Jacob Urlich, School Prefect: Harrison Syers, Head Prefect: Ronan Payinda, Deputy Head Prefect: Kian Naidoo, School Prefect: Daniel Mao, Whānau Prefect: Jack Trubshaw.
Front: Whānau Prefect: Aroha Snowsill, School Prefect: Heather Nichols, Whanaungatanga Deputy Head Prefect: Isla Adams, Head Prefect: Grace Wiegersma, Deputy Head Prefect – Lana Newman, School Prefect: Danielle Gorrie.

As members of the Prefect Team at Huanui College, they are a special group. Our Prefects take on important positions of responsibility in the school.

Prefect Vision for 2021

Our vision for the school is to create a welcoming environment where people develop a sense of belonging and can comfortably be themselves. The Prefect body strives to be kind and open, so students are able to approach us with their concerns and suggestions.

In 2021, we must encourage participation throughout the whole school and ensure students get involved in everything they can. This means prefects must be the frontline role models and inspire every student to take pride in their contribution to the college.

We aim to promote the ideals of the college, in this way students will leave the school as respectful, well-rounded people who can positively contribute to their communities.

For the prefect body to represent the student voice, we must be committed to involving students in the College’s decision making process. This means transparency with the school community, it means going to the student body and listening to their ideas, and it means building change on the foundations of our College’s values.

Grace Wiegersma

Head Prefect


The main priority for 2021 is to create, expand and develop the ‘family’ environment that Huanui College has, making sure that every student & teacher who walks through these doors and becomes “a Huanuian”; feels appreciated; and feels valued. To our students, TRY EVERYTHING! No matter what other people say, or how bad you think you are going to look doing it. The more things that you have a go at, the more opportunities you will open yourself up to in the future.


Ronan Payinda

Head Prefect


This year, I want to be a bridge between the student body and the staff, to make sure everybody’s voices are heard. I want to let every student know that they can approach me for help or advice, that I’ll care for their wellbeing, and advocate for their suggestions. My advice to any student is that the next few years of school won’t define your whole life. Don’t think everything you do has to be perfect; school isn’t the final step in your journey, it’s just a chance to build a framework for your later life, and to gain the skills and resilience that will benefit you later on.

Lana Newman

Deputy Head Prefect


My goal as Deputy Head Girl is to be a voice for the students of Huanui College, to let them know that they are heard and that their opinions are valid. As an older student in a leadership position, I would like to be able to be there for the younger students, whether it be for advice, a shoulder to lean on, or be a friendly face they can say hello to. I would like to encourage more opportunities for the senior school to work with the junior school, to build friendships, and to pass on knowledge.

Isla Adams

Whanaungatanga Deputy Head Prefect


I have been given the privilege of being Huanui College’s first Whanaungatanga prefect – a link between past, present, and future students of the College. This position has been created to aid in ensuring the continued relationship between the College and its students after they step out into the world. I will encourage the sharing of knowledge, setting up mentorships, and creating a supportive wider network for students to have upon leaving the College.

Jacob Urlich

Deputy Head Prefect


It has been an honour to have been named a Deputy Head Boy of Huanui College for 2021. Huanui College has given me the skills and passion to be independent and self-driven, I challenge all students to embrace the Huanui Way. To strive for personal excellence in all aspects of the college whether that be academic, sporting, or cultural, as Huanui has taught me that success comes from hard work and determination. I encourage all students to embrace the coming year, take every opportunity that’s presented to them, and let’s make 2021 a fantastic year!

Kian Naidoo

Deputy Head Prefect


As a Deputy Head Boy for 2021, I would like to see students making the most of their time at Huanui College by seizing every opportunity that they are presented with. Our College offers a wide variety of both curricular and extracurricular activities that help us develop our social skills, and perseverance, helping us toward a pathway to becoming the best version of ourselves. I would like to utilise these skills to better engage with students and together to make Huanui College an even better place than it already is.


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