Prefects  |  Leaders Of The Prefect Body And The School

Nathan Xu (Deputy Head Boy) , Shaun Prinsloo (Head Boy), Hayoon Seo (Head Girl) Olivia Lengyel (Deputy Head Girl)

Huanui College Prefects hold a very important role in the school including the wider school community.

As members of the Prefect Team at Huanui College, they are a special group.  Our Prefects take on important positions of responsibility in the school.  They are involved in supervising and helping young pupils and assisting staff in various duties.  Each Prefect is acknowledged by the Prefect badge they wear on their senior blazer.

Our prefects will:

  • Be a role model and display excellent behaviour at all times – in the classroom, school grounds, when representing the school, traveling to and from school and whenever they are around the school community
  • At all times take responsibility for their actions and do all they can to encourage responsibility, initiative and show a positive approach to the good behaviour of others
  • Show respect for all adults, students and other children at all times
  • Complete the duties expected of them as a Prefect
  • Represent the College in sport, if it is offered at my level
  • Wear full school uniform appropriately at all times and abide by and uphold all school rules at all times
  • Support school events, executing any duties required
  • Make proper use of both supervised and non-supervised private study periods

If you have been chosen as a Prefect, you are being given a position of trust. This trust is expected at all times.

Our 2018 Prefects are: Hayoon Seo (Head Girl), Shaun Prinsloo (Head Boy), Olivia Lengyel (Deputy Head Girl), Nathan Xu (Deputy Head Boy), Ella Birch, Christina Bone, Laura Gover, Letty Hamlet, Torerenuiarua Kapa-Kingi, Emerina Marsh-Kiro, Jameela McLean Saad, Asa Morrison, Tom Parker, and Emma Sanders.

House Team Leaders – Blake, Hillary, Ngapua, and Sheppard

House Captains have the opportunity to take on an important position of leadership and responsibility within our house groups. They are involved in supervising and helping younger house members and assisting staff with various duties.  Our House Leaders motivate and encourage our students to participate in House events throughout the year.

Our 2018 House Captains are Laura Gover, Emerina Marsh-Kiro, and Nathan Xu – Blake; Ella Birch and Christina Bone – Hillary; Torerenuiarua Kapa-Kingi and Emma Sanders – Ngapua; Olivia Lengyel and Asa Morrison – Sheppard.

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