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Our annual Whānau Camps went ahead in Term 4 as soon as the Covid restrictions allowed. As always, the 2 nights away without devices created conversation among whānau members that may not normally have time at school to hang out. Nachos and burgers are regular features on the camp menus, with laughter and enjoyment the feature of the day. Read below for out student’s take on the camps this year!

“This year’s whānau camp held out at Pataua and gave Hillary members the chance to try new things, spend time with friends, make better connections with people, relax in the sun and just have some fun. This camp challenged us to get out of our comfort zones and gave us the opportunity to work as a team during singing practices and sports activities. Being the Junior Whānau Captain this year has helped me with my leadership and teamwork skills and has given me the chance to come up with new ideas and run activities for the juniors. I also loved getting to know the junior students throughout the year.

Charlotte Gorrie  Junior Whānau Hillary Captain

“Blake whānau camp was great, it was well thought out and organised the whole time. The camp was held at Tangihua Lions Lodge, and the activities were inclusive and fun and they also helped overcome boundaries that you might have had, some of the activities were swimming, confidence courses, class skits and hut building. Everyone at the camp enjoyed themselves a lot.

Taha McLean Saad Junior Whānau Blake Captain

“Some highlights from this year have to include meeting the new whānau members on the Year 7 & 13 camp at the start of the year, winning the Swimming Sports Whānau relay, our Term 2 pizza party, and of course the end of year camp at the Manaia Baptist Camp in the Whāngarei Heads. As you can see from the images everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and it was an all-round great vibe.  We began with a stop at Heads Up Adventures to go paintballing and use their off road scooters.  Day 2 consisted of a walk up Mt Manaia, lots of swimming and an intense game of bingo.  On the final day we stopped off at ActionZone where we went bowling and played lazer maze. Overall an awesome trip and a great way to end the year with the Ngāpua whānau.”

Charlie Firth Whānau Ngāpua Prefect


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