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A large, appreciative audience enjoyed performances of music, dance, and drama at the lovely Hatea Rooms, Riverbank Theatre, on Tuesday 16th August, given by musicians Alex Horwood, Nicholas Merry, piano, Joseph Prout, guitar and George Sherwood, drums. Senior students’ flautists Kate Bradley and Heidi McGregor, singers Amy Wallace, Jules Benson-Wright and Natalya Newman gave wonderful performances. Year 12 Band ‘DSK’ with Hannah Campi, drums and Mataariki Aplin on guitar, Helena Newman, vocals, and Tobias Grove on bass rocked the crowd. Ably accompanied by his tutor John Frazer, Tobias later shared his AS Music bass guitar performances with us.
Year 7 students Mia Abbot and Nyla Parton entranced with their beautiful, accomplished dancing, and we all enjoyed Scarlett Newman, Year 8 singing solo. From Year 9 were Cantabile singers Genevieve MacDonald and Diya Barthi. Diya later sang in a duo, joined by Ngapera Meha. Amazing Asher Iyer, Year 9 Hip-Hop sensation, stole the show with his original composition.
Shakespearean thespians Lucy Murray with brother Ryan, Indigo Tomlinson and Carolyn Betterton, replayed their scenes from this year’s Sheilah Winn Festival.
Our thanks go to guest artist Connor Franklin on cornet, ably accompanied by his mum Delwyn on piano, who wowed us with his virtuosity. Also, thanks to Barbara Trimmer of Riverbank Theatre for her wonderful assistance, to Lisbe Jooste, Ruth Knox, and Roger McClean for accompanying on piano.
Grateful thanks once more to Jasper Miller-Waugh and Ollie Brooks on the sound desk and our lovely MCs for the evening, Emily Stolwerk and Natalya Newman. Finally, thanks to Carolyn Evans, and all the staff for their support, expertise, yummy food, drink preparation, and beautiful decor.v
It was truly an evening to remember. We look forward to seeing you at SOIREE 2023.
Mrs Kathryn Hunt
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