9 October 2021 – Change to Level 3, Whangārei

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9 October 2021

Dear Parents, Caregivers, and Students,

Level 3 is back upon us, once again, when we least expected it and when we certainly would rather have avoided it.

Our year 1 1, 12 & 13 students have begun their Cambridge external examinations which continue through until Thursday, 18 November. We have a small number of students with examinations next week and our aim is to ensure that these examinations continue as ‘normally’ as possible for our students.

Therefore, we are currently applying for dispensation to continue with our examinations under the stricter Level 3 guidelines:

As per communication from Iona Hoisted, Secretary for Education: Under the amended clause 3 of Schedule 25 to the Education and Training Act 2020 1 direct the governing bodies of all registered schools who offer education at Years 1 1, 12 and 13 in the Alert Level 3 area to comply with the following requirements from 29 September

1 . Students at Years 1 1, 12 and 13 must be learning from home unless the following conditions can be met: A. In the opinion of the principal or professional leader (as the case may be) of the school, there is an educational need for a student or students in Years 1 1, 12 or 13 to physically attend the school, and B. Where students at year levels 1 1 , 12 and 13 need to physically attend school, the governing body of the school ensures that numbers are kept as low as possible and:

a. Physical distancing is observed at all times — 1 m inside and 2m outside.

b. Students are organised into bubbles of no more than 10 with one teacher.

c. The student make-up of each bubble does not change throughout Alert Level 3,

d. Bubbles do not mix with each other inside or outside in the school grounds.

e. A teacher is not associated with more than one bubble of students (but a bubble of students can have more than one teacher throughout Alert Level 3).

f. Rigorous hand washing and drying is adhered to and hand sanitiser is available at the entrance to classrooms.

g. Students and teachers are asked to go home if they are unwell.

h. Where necessary, changes are made to usual timetabling and class sizes to support (a)-(g) above; and C. The governing body of the school has caused to be sent to me for approval, in a form I have provided, an attestation that the above requirements have been met.

i. Every governing body of a registered school must ensure that their school complies with all applicable COVID19 Public Health Response (Alert Level Requirements).

There will be more communications to follow once we have a clearer picture of the longevity of this level and the Ministry of Educations response to our Attendance Permission application.

Stay home, stay safe and enjoy the remainder of the school holidays.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Coombe


+64 9 459 1930