Sponsorships and scholarships are available on application to the Principal of Huanui College.
Families should contact Huanui College’s Business and Finance Manager, Tracey McNamara, for information on scholarships. We advise families to book an enrolment interview at the same time.
Please indicate at your enrolment interview with the Principal that you are interested in applying for a scholarship so that a scholarship interview can be set up with the College’s Founder.
Full or part reduction in fees may apply, with each case being considered individually and confidentially.
Structured academic and behavioural targets are applicable and will be set at the time of the grant of scholarship or sponsorship.
Steps for Scholarship Application:

  1. Contact Huanui College’s Business and Finance Manager, Tracey McNamara, to book an Enrolment Interview.
  2. Indicate at enrolment interview your intention to apply for a scholarship.
  3. Attend scholarship interview with Founder.
  4. The student must complete an entrance examination before a decision can be made.

The Ministry of Education also have scholarships available through Aspire for low income families. This scholarship contributes up to $15000 per year in school fees plus up to $1500 in additional school related costs (uniform, trips, stationery) and is available for students entering a private school at Year 9. It is very well worth applying for this excellent scheme.

BreakOut - Scholarships and Grants

Generosity New Zealand (GNZ) also provides a hub of resourcing information for communities all over New Zealand. Their givME service lists scholarships and grants, which you can search to find funding opportunities that suit you.

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