Family and Friends  |  Supporting the social environment of the College


The Family and Friends Association welcomes you and wishes you and your family all the very best for you time at Huanui College. We look forward to meeting you at the one of the events hosted or manned by the Family and Friends group during the course of the College year.

The F & F runs with an executive of four and a committee with co-opted members supporting the social environment of the College amongst parents, guardians and family. Monthly meetings of the Association are held on the third Monday of every month during the College term. We encourage you, if interested, to put your name forward for election to the committee. This is a great way to become involved in your College community.

The F & F aims to support the students, teachers and parents of the school by developing and implementing activities that build a sense of community and enrich the learning environment. Included in these activities are fundraising events planned in conjunction with the school’s Management Team, educational events for parents, and social events for both parents and students.

Our Mission

  • To make parents and family feel welcome and comfortable at the College by promoting and nurturing friendship and fellowship within the wider College community. A variety of social events are organised to enable the Principal, the Board of Advisors, staff and parents to meet in a friendly and informal way.
  • To harness the goodwill of parents and families and to provide financial and practical support to the College from profits gained at various events the F & F organise.

We meet on the third Monday of every alternative month, unless it falls on a school holiday.


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