Education Review Office Report 2019

The Education Review Office (ERO) reviews of privately-owned schools are different from those undertaken for state and state-integrated schools, and for Kura.

For private schools, the primary focus is on how well the school meets the criteria for registration as a private school as required under the Education Act 1989.

The criteria for registrations are based on suitable premises; suitable staffing; equipment; curriculum for teaching, learning and assessment; suitable tuition standards; management.

The Review Office may seek to review a particular aspect of a school based on past reviews, educational changes or initiatives, specific areas of concern occurring nationally, or a requested area of focus from the school itself.

It is not common practice for ERO to comment on any aspect of a private school other than whether it is suitable for registration. When it does so, any comment should be seen as significant.

The Review Officers provide both a verbal and written report – and these can form the basis for designing and implementing plans to improve the quality of education at a school. This has certainly been the case with the Huanui College review of 2019 with the ERO report, in conjunction with the parent survey and feedback from parent meetings, forming the basis of College planning for 2020 and beyond.

I look forward to ERO’s next visit to the College – in the next three to five years – to map the developments that have taken place during that time and, I hope, to provide commentary on the quality of education that is evident here.

Philip Coombe - Principal

Huanui College is enrolling now for Years 7-13 in 2021.

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